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95x55cm Hatch Thatch

Product Code : 7475595

95x55cm Hatch Thatch

Category : Draught Excluders
Product Code : 7475595
Weight : 2kg

HatchThatch is the quality brand new patent protected product that is designed to both insulate and draught exclude a loft hatch in one very simple application. According to BRE research, approximately 3% of valuable heat in the house escapes through un-insulated loft hatches. Apart from heat saving, the product also assists in the prevention of harmful condensation.

Technical Information:
  • Made from 100% recycled Plastic bottles - post consumer waste
  • Prevent the emission of 30kg per annum CO2 from the average 3 bed semi-detatched house
  • Can save up to £45 per year for a 3 bed semi-detatched House
  • Inert to bats and rodents
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