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These products assist workers on site to achieve the robust, long lasting airtight junctions required for low energy buildings

View our range of super efficient boilers from leading manufacturers

A wide range of charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Insulation for solid wall domestic and commercial properties

A great range of heating controls from Salus and The Owl

Infra-red radiant heating is the transfer of heat using energy waves not warm air.

Lighting that uses far less energy than standard bulbs (even energy saving ones)!

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) extracts the heat from stale exhaust air and pre-heats the incoming fresh air

We stock sheepswool, wood fibre, hemp fibre and cellulose (recycled paper) insulation products.

See our range of solar thermal systems, ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps

The innovative Solatube systems pipe daylight into buildings to conserve electricity.

Click here to see our extensive range of panels, inverters, mounting systems and accessories

Mounting solutions for any orientation requirement to secure your Solar PV system

See our range of walling materials for use in energy efficient and sustainable construction

Voltage Optimisation reduces the incoming grid voltage to an optimum level for the home or commercial building

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